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This year ASA added some wording to its note on 8-8-J through L, and I'm wondering exactly how to apply it.

Note: Section 8 J-L: When runners are called out for interference, the batter-runner is awarded first base and credited with a fielding [sic] choice. Exception: If interference prevents the fielder from catching a routine fly ball (fair or foul) with ordinary effort, the batter is also out.

I understand this to a certain degree. R1 on 1B, batter hits pop to F4. R1 runs over F4 on his way to 2B. Call both runner and batter out. Even last year, the umpire could have ruled that the interference prevented an obvious double play and called both out.

Do I call both runner and batter out in the following situations?:

1. R1 on 1B, no outs. Batter hits fair pop in the area of 1B. R1, running on the swing, gets tangled with F3, untangles, and returns to 1B. F3 catches the ball.

2. Same situation, but F3 drops the ball.

3. Same situation, but F4, seeing the tangle, comes over near 1B and catches the ball.

4. R1 on 2B. Batter hits short bloop in front of F6. F6 dives for the ball as R1 collides with F6. F6 then catches the ball.

5. Same situation, but F6 cannot reach the ball on what would have been an extraordinary catch.
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