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Lightbulb Canadian Ruling

Originally Posted by Bob M.
I posted this on the Fed website. Might as well post it here too...

PLAY: A leads 7-6 with 0:04 remaining in the 4th quarter, 3rd and 5 from A's 20. Team A is illegally in motion at the snap. A11 runs to A's 25 where he fumbles. B10 picks up the loose ball and runs to A's 3 where he is tackled. During B10's run, B8 blocks A3 in the back at A's 4 yardline. Time expires during the down. RULING: ??
If A is leading, then B wants to prolong the game as long as possible, in order for a chance to win the game. I think that's true in all codes.


Since B fouled before any B score (this ruling also works if B did score), they run the risk of A declining the B foul if B were to decline the A illegal motion, thus ending the game.

So, B would have to accept the A foul to prolong the game. A will then accept the B foul. The difference is 5 yards in A's favour, which yields A 1D/10 @ A25, for one untimed down. A would just "take a knee" to win the game, which is something they might not have been able to do in the original play, since that knee might have taken less than 4 seconds, which would give B one more play, in the red zone no less.

Edit: In Canada, a dual minor foul is administered and balanced from the POA of the 1st foul. In this case, it is the P(revious) LS.
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