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Originally Posted by shickenbottom
1) Face the plate in either B or C. Legs a bit over shoulder width apart, comfortable. It is easier to react to a batted ball right at you by going either forward left or forward right with your body directly facing this situation, than being squared to a baseline.

2) Pitcher not on rubber, relaxed standing. Watch pitcher for illegal action, listen for runner / fielders getting position.

3) Pitcher toes rubber and goes to look in to get sign. Drop into Hands on knees set, watch pitcher, glance / listen for runners.

4) As Pitcher is comming set, shift weight slightly forward onto balls of feet, this gets you ready to react to batted ball, or pickoff at bases.

5a) In B with R1, as pitcher begins motion to pitch, get a quick glance (shift of eyes to R1 to see if he's going, shift eyes back to home plate and watch action at home.

5b) In C with R2, as pitcher begins motion, swivel head to glance at R2 and see what he's doing, if going, begin to step toward 45 on 3rd base line and swivel head back to home to watch action. If R2 is not going, swivel head back and watch action at home.
5a and 5b...never, NEVER do this!

Watch the ball, nothing happens that is of concern to you without the ball.
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