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Originally Posted by MrUmpire
The changed wording in 6.02 in the 2008 rulebook has some leagues in a quandry. Gone is the language that described a "do-over" if the batter stepped out and the pitcher "balked".

In it's place is language described as for MLB use only and alternative language described as for National Baseball Associations (Minor Leagues) only.

Which rule do amateur leagues follow?

What removed? It's still there in the on-line rules at under 6.02(b)

The following two paragraphs are additional material for Rule 6.02(b) Comment, for Major League play only:
If pitcher delays once the batter is in his box and the umpire feels that the delay is not justified he may allow the batter to step out of the box momentarily.
If after the pitcher starts his windup or comes to a “set position” with a runner on, he does not go through with his pitch because the batter has stepped out of the box, it shall not be called a balk. Both the pitcher and batter have violated a rule and the umpire shall call time and both the batter and pitcher start over from “scratch.”

If the pitcher pitches the umpire is to call the pitch a "ball" or a "strike".

The automatic strike ONLY applies if the batter REFUSES to get into the batter's box AFTER being ordered to do so.
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