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10.3.4 Situation B

Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
NFHS case book play 10.3.4SitB(a).
10.3.4 Situation B: A1 jumps for a try near the basket but loses his/her balance after releasing the ball. A1 grasps the basket to prevent injury. The ball: (a) is; or (b) is not, in the basket or on the ring while A1 is hanging on the ring.

Ruling: In (a), it is basket interference by A1 which causes the ball to become dead and no goal can be scored. In (b), there is no violation unless A1 is still hanging on the ring when the ball touches the basket or goes into the basket. In both (a) and (b), A1ís grasping is not penalized if it is judged there was a possibility of injury had he/she not grasped the basket. (9-1)
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