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Lightbulb Canadian Ruling

Originally Posted by ljudge
#57 - 3rd & 22 at @'s 10. Team A running back muffs a handoff from QB on A's 8. A Team B defender deliverately kicks the loose ball on A's 6. Team A QB recovers on A's 3 and is downed on A's 19.

A - A 3/7 @ A 25
B - A 1 / 10 @ A 34
C - A 3/ 11 @ A 21

Team B's deliberate kick (called a dribbled ball) broke the continuity of downs. Results: A 1D/10 @ A-19.

Originally Posted by ljudge
1. PLAY: First and 15 on A's 25. A14 takes the snap, runs toward the sideline, is hit and fumbles on A's 24. While the ball is loose, B99 grabs and holds A66 to keep A66 from recovering the ball. A88 picks up the ball on A's 22 and runs to A's 34 where he is downed in bounds.

B99 is guilty of Loose Ball Interference. Up here we don't take that foul lightly. Penalty is AFD to non-offending team at PF. A's choice:
  • decline the LBI, giving Team A 2D/6 @ A-34
  • accept the LBI, giving Team A 1D/10 @ point of B99's hold (unclear from the situation)
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