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NCAA Rule change? - Question #57 NCAA Test

Me and a colleague have went back and forth about a ruling for this year's NCAA test. There have been so many versions of the new rules posted I have no idea where they really landed on this stuff.

#57 - 3rd & 22 at @'s 10. Team A running back muffs a handoff from QB on A's 8. A Team B defender deliverately kicks the loose ball on A's 6. Team A QB recovers on A's 3 and is downed on A's 19.

A - A 3/7 @ A 25
B - A 1 / 10 @ A 34
C - A 3/ 11 @ A 21

I answered A because of a Rom Gilbert ruling that was recently posted. Here is Rom's question:

1. PLAY: First and 15 on A's 25. A14 takes the snap, runs toward the sideline, is hit and fumbles on A's 24. While the ball is loose, B99 grabs and holds A66 to keep A66 from recovering the ball. A88 picks up the ball on A's 22 and runs to A's 34 where he is downed in bounds.

1. RULING: A 1/5 A35. This is a significant rule change. The foul occurred during the first running play so will be enforced from the previous spot, A' s 25. If the foul occurred after A88 recovered the fumble, the penalty would be enforced from the end of A88's run, A's 34. It is crucial that the calling official know when the foul occurred. When asked when the foul occurred by the referee, "when would you have liked it to have occurred" is not an acceptable answer.
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