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Originally Posted by Little Jimmy
Mike,I agree with you that discretion needs to be used to avoid the "gotcha" penalty. ...
Just to follow up a bit...

This rule is a safety rule. It is not a uniform (fashion police) rule. Basically, the runner is required to keep her helmet on during a live ball when there is a possiblity of being hit by a batted or thrown ball. If the ball is dead and / or there is nothing going on, the runner is NOT required to keep her helmet on (OK, by strict rule, yes, she is, but by interpretation and instruction to the umpires, no, she is not).

The umpire in question made several errors (taking your report as stated):

1) "warned team A "numerous" times about ..." "Susie, turn off that TV and get to bed. I MEAN it this time." "Sure, Mom." (continues to watch TV). Numerous warning are bad parenting and bad umpiring.

2) "declared the now retired runner out again..." No support at all for this action. Unless you have some goofy local rule.

3) "you've been warned enough..." Mom got fed up, I guess.

4) "B1 hits a routine grounder to F6 who throws her out at 1st. As she turned to go to the dugout, she removed her helmet." Unless there was some other play going on / other runners on base, misapplication of the helmet (safety) rule.

You decide what you want to do publically (i.e. in communication with the league president) about this umpire, but clearly some private words are in order. JMO.
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