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Originally Posted by Little Jimmy
Mike,I agree with you that discretion needs to be used to avoid the "gotcha" penalty. But since I was asked and now we're having the discussion, when would the out as stated in 3-5-E come into play? Is it the primary penalty (if runner was still on the field) or is the removal from the game the first step? If removed from the game, but not out, I assume a substitute would be brought in?

Just curious what the protocol is..
To start, there must be a true concern for safety. In the scenario offered, there was no mention of any other runners, hence no subsequent play after that at 1B. Unless there is some other play to be had, I don't even see the player remove the helmet. Even if there was a play at 3B and the retired BR is turning and walking to the dugout on the 1B side, there would really have to be a TWP involved that got the live ball to the 1B side of the field before I would even consider a warning.

AFA the protocol, the out occurs as soon as the umpire announces it. The ball remains live. If you eject a player for removing the helmet during a play, something is terribly wrong and it is not on the player's side of the issue.
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