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Originally Posted by bkbjones
It's not just you. MLB has banned scissors for its umpires for a few years. The insurers for the umpires said no mas after paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars (perhaps more) for neck and back injuries/permanent damage for umpires who used scissors for years. This is the reason Tim Mc changed, as did some others. We still seem some who are getting pretty close to scissors, but most at the umpire schools are taught the GD and a handful of others...but definitely no scissors.
Talked at length about MLB mechanics with MLB umpire in January. Specifically about some of their angles and different plate stances. He said there is no ban on any particular stance. Depending on size and body type there are some preferred options (GD, Box and scissors among them) but ultimately accuracy is the biggest priority. Tim Mc (one of my favorites) didn't use the scissors, he literally went to one knee on the ground. His back problems are due to a variety of issues.
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