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I was coaching a game yesterday when something weird happened.

(We play ASA rules)

During the game play the oppoising team was at bat.

Some play happened that the batting team did not like. So several of their members became very mad. The umpire ejected two of them.

Well, it seems that the two guys that were ejected were in the batting line up as batter #2 and batter #3.

So now they were down to eight players. So they tried to subsitute in a player .. number #17.

Number #17 started the game in the line up at postion 10.
After the 3rd inning... #18 subsutited in for player #17.

So now they are trying to bring #17 back in.

We told the ump that they could not do that... and they could not play short due to the ejection.

The ump declared a forfeit. After 5 minutes of the opposing team arguing with the ump.. he changed his mind.

Said he would allow their team to play short because he changed his "ejections" to "removals".

At this point I was so lost... I didn't know what to do.

The clock ran down almost 8 minutes during the conference with the ump... we had 1 minute left to play.

Does any of this make sense?
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