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Originally Posted by jritchie
..but on the second time the flex comes on to bat for the dp, the dp player was done and she had to be replaced if switched again.
This is correct.

Originally Posted by jritchie
2. catcher interference... bat hitting glove on swing, foul ball or little dribbler in play! Would it matter, wouldn't both plays get 1st base?? situation, runners on 2nd and 3rd, batter swings contacts catchers glove then:
A) foul ball, batter awarded 1st base and base runners stay on 2nd and 3rd.
B)little dribbler to pitcher, runners advanced to 3rd and home on the play, runner threw out at 1st...????????? do you award batter 1st and send runners back or award 1st and let runners get 3rd and home....i'm thinking they go back and that is what i did the other night, just wanted to be sure....
It is catcher obstruction, BTW.

Anyway, if the BR does not reach 1B safely AND all other runner advance at least one base safely, then the OC gets the choice of the play or the enforcement of obstruction. The enforcement, of that is what he chooses, would be BR on 1B and other runners only advance if forced. In your second example, the OC would have to decide which is more important - scoring the run, or BR not out on 1B.

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