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Originally Posted by argodad
OK, I'll put myself on report in hopes that others can learn the lesson as well.

NCAA, 2-umpire mechanics. I'm the plate umpire. R1 on 2nd, R2 on 1st, one out.

Batter hits a little looper over the pitcher's head. F4 charges and dives, clearly getting her glove under the ball. She rolls over, and the next time I see her hands, she has control of the ball. I give a strong verbal OUT! and signal. Only THEN do I look at my partner, who is giving an emphatic SAFE / No Catch. Runners returned to their bases on my call. F4 gets up and throws to F5 for a force at 3rd and then on to F6 on 2nd for the apparent inning-ending double play.

We conference, and my partner tells me that the ball clearly rolled onto the ground while F4's back was to me. We ended up overturning my initial call, giving the out on the force at 3rd, and putting R2 on 2nd and the BR on 1st. My thinking was that I put them in jeopardy with my incorrect call. R2 would have easily reached 2nd without it.

Defense Coach comes unglued and I take my butt-chewing rather calmly, I thought. Next time I'll take the split second to look at my partner before making the call.
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