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R1 and R2. BU in Position C; I'm the PU. A line shot (literally; 90 mph maybe) back to the mound, hits the rubber and caroms foul midway between Home and 1st. I cannot see (from my angle) whether the "screamer" touched F1 or not (either before or after striking the rubber). BR is at 1st and R1 and R2 all advanced before F2 fields the ball in foul territory. No further action is occuring. As F2 touched the ball in foul territory, I called "Time", still not indicating whether the ball is fair or foul. I confer with my partner. "Did you see the ball touch the pitcher at all?" "No". "Foul Ball", I say.

Now my question for y'all. Should I have pointed "Fair" and then rule "Foul" after the conference with my partner? I had enough presence of mind not to yell "Foul" immediately, knowing that my call would have been much more difficult to change later.

I think I handled it okay, but am wondering if I could have handled it better.

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