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Originally Posted by mbyron
2. Again, this is HTBT, since I'd need to see what the batter did. If he got out of the way and the throw still hit him, that's probably not interference; if he moved INTO the way and the throw hit him, that would probably be interference. If you rule interference on the batter, he's out and runners return.
what i wanted to know is, if the batter really interferes with a throw from the backstop, is he interfering as a batter or as an offensive teammate ? if he interferes as a batter, he would be called out, as an offensive teammate, the runner would be called out.

this is from J/R :

Examples of "offensive teammates" include:
(a) a batter after a pitch has gone past the catcher (such batter is no longer trying to bat the pitch and is treated as an "offensive teammate" in a determination of whether interference has occurred).

so in this case, R1 should be called out.
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