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Originally posted by moose69
i can't believe you guys have never heard of a player objecting to a called strike by drawing the line. I've seen it done both on the inside, and outside of the plate. To me, this is considering showing up the umpire and a quick trip to the showers. My concern last night was that my partner, stopped the batter from drawing the line. he warned him 3 times. Now, what about consistancy? What happens if he's umpiring the non-offending team in 2 weeks time and one of there batter goes to draw a line and he dosen't stop them, let's him finish the line and boots his *** out??? dosen't say much for his consistancy as to when enough is enough, if you ask me.

I like IRISMAFIA's idea

And as for your slow pitch referances.....I personally find that game very boring and I never write the softball exam so they can't send me to do any games

I guess your partner didn't stop the batter if he had to warn him three times.

As far as slowpitch, I find fastpitch very boring to umpire.
I work it, but I much prefer the slowpitch game where there is unending action the entire game, not just when a pitcher gets tired or a batter gets lucky, but that is just my preference.

The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.
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