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i can't believe you guys have never heard of a player objecting to a called strike by drawing the line. I've seen it done both on the inside, and outside of the plate. To me, this is considering showing up the umpire and a quick trip to the showers. My concern last night was that my partner, stopped the batter from drawing the line. he warned him 3 times. Now, what about consistancy? What happens if he's umpiring the non-offending team in 2 weeks time and one of there batter goes to draw a line and he dosen't stop them, let's him finish the line and boots his *** out??? dosen't say much for his consistancy as to when enough is enough, if you ask me.

I like IRISMAFIA's idea

And as for your slow pitch referances.....I personally find that game very boring and I never write the softball exam so they can't send me to do any games

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