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Opinions please.

Finished my JV game in 1 hr 14 minutes. Thank You softball Gods. So I cruise over to the Varsity field.

R1 on 2B and R2 on 1B.
Pitcher starts her pitch, batter in a VERY loud voice says"TIME". Before anything else can happen pitcher stops her pitch. PU calls illegal pitch and advances the runners as well as awarding a ball to batter. My thinking was this was not your usual request from the batter for time but an attempt to distract the pitcher.

So after game talking to PU he was firmly in the camp of the pitcher is responsible for knowing who called time hence the illegal pitch. I presented the possibility of calling of time being a deliberate attempt to distract pitcher but he was pretty firm in his thinking.

Your thoughts on if there was handled correctly or even anyway else that this could have been handled ?
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