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Question Timing?

We all know that the force at 1st base on the third out negates any runs that may score prior to the force out, when F3 tags the base. However, my partner brought up a question that I could not definitively answer for him. Here is the what if:

Runner on third, two out. Batter pops up ball in infield and hesitates at the box because he thinks it went foul. Runner immediately takes off on the sound of the hit. Batter finally realizes that ball is fair and takes off. F3 fields the ball, and TAGS batter. However, the runner has crossed the plate long before the tag was made. Since the fielder chose to tag the runner instead of the base, does this become a timing play, where the run might score, even on 3rd out?

I told him that it is my opinion that the run does not score, because it doesn't matter if the tag is on the runner or the base on a force play. But, I couldn't find the definitive terms to better explain myself.

Am I right? A little help please.

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