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Originally Posted by martynva
Does anyone know of a MLB Rulebook "on tape"? I would like to find a place where I might be able to download the rule book as an MP3 file and then I could listen to the rules as I drive, commute, etc.

Thanks for the assistance.

Kinda like an audio book?

If so, I know of nothing of the such. However, to help you know and understand the rules, case plays, ect. I would recommend getting the MLBUM, Jacksa/Roder, and other item. Make your own. However, you may want to devise a script first. Organize your rules and case plays into: "Progression of the game" type topics. If you put some decent work into it, by organizing it and developing it into a teaching tool, you could sell it for $19.95 a copy. Burn it onto CD's with specific chapters covering certain aspects.

Potentially you could make some good money.
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