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Originally Posted by Snaqwells
I disagree. You should keep whichever assignment you accepted first; unless you already have been told by the lower level assigner that he/she understands you may turn some back.

Turning back games because you got a higher level assignment is, IMO, unprofessional, tacky, and just plain rude. Again, this assumes you don't have at least spoken permission from the lower level assigner.
This is very dependent upon your location.

I work in an area where it's expected that you will turn back lower-level games for higher-level games. As long as you are good about letting the assignors know as much in advance as possible, you are fine. Even day-of calls to fill in varsity games take precedence over JV games.

Of course, part of that is that almost all JV and MS games around here are assigned 3-man, so having to go 2-man in a last-minute scenario like this is possible.

All of that said, I thought Dan_ref's advice was best. Call and simply say, "I was assigned 4 games on closed dates - what's your policy on closed dates?"
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