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Originally Posted by Snaqwells
I disagree. You should keep whichever assignment you accepted first; unless you already have been told by the lower level assigner that he/she understands you may turn some back.

Turning back games because you got a higher level assignment is, IMO, unprofessional, tacky, and just plain rude. Again, this assumes you don't have at least spoken permission from the lower level assigner.
This is where local standards are different. But I never think working a higher level game is unprofessional if you have been given a lower level game first. But if you have a contract you need to square that situation with who you first signed on with. And most official's goals are not to work lower level games and you cannot work post season games in many cases by working a lower level game. I do not care what level I am working, but if the Division 1 level came calling, I am working the Division 1 game six days a week and twice on Sunday. And if an assignor cannot deal with that, then I do not need to work for them. The key is being honest. I would only think that would be a problem if you tried to decieve the people involved or worked a similar level.

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