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If it were me, I point out to assignor B that I sent him a list of closed dates, and some of those dates conflict with what he gave me. Sounds like it's his fault to begin with, since you correctly updated your availability schedule. I'd never accept games from 2 different assignors which are that close to each other timewise. If it were a weekend and I had an 11am game and a 3 or 4pm game, that might be different, but a 3 hour weekday time window is too close for my comfort.

A multitude of things could go wrong:
- Like you said, you have no idea how close they are to each other. You can't predict traffic conditions on any given day. What if there's an accident on the road you expected to travel on? What if you get a flat tire? Suddenly the 45-60 minute arrival time before the 2nd game turns into 5 minutes or worse...
- What if something happens in your first game? Player gets hurt and the game is delayed while an ambulance is called. Game goes into OT. Double OT. The last thing you want is to let the style of game you call be dictated by where you need to be in an hour or 2.

Yes, you don't want to upset assignor B and turn back games, but look at it the other way: How do you think assignor A is going to react if it's 5 minutes until tip-off and he's only got 1 official at a game site?

Way too many what-ifs in my opinion. Turn back the conflicting games and just do 1 per day.
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