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Originally Posted by socalreff
And if they weren't sure, why not ask the timer?

A.R. 14. In a game with no official courtside television monitor, the red light
or LED lights that signal the end of the last period cannot be seen nor
can the game-clock horn be heard. The officials disagree whether the
ball was in flight during a try for field goal or whether a foul occurred
before time expired.
They didn't ask the timer because they discussed it amongst themselves and mutually concluded that the goal didn't count. Iow, they were sure.

Disregarding the fact that you're citing an NCAA rule to try and back up your argument in a situation that happened under NFHS rules, why are you trying to apply a rule that is ONLY relevant in situations where officials disagree?

In the situation being discussed, the officials did NOT disagree. No rules reference cited by yourself to date has had any relevancy at all to this discussion.
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