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Kicking violation per NCAA case play that I don't have in front of me.

Edit: Found it:

Originally Posted by 2008 NCAA Case Book
Held Ball
A.R. 90. A1 is dribbling the ball and falls to the floor while still dribbling.
While seated on the floor, A1 loses the ball and it is rolling away. As
B1 comes in to try to get the ball, A1 reaches out with his or her legs,
clamps the loose ball between his or her feet and brings it toward his
or her body. A1 never places his or her hands on the ball. The ball is
between A1’s legs as B1 gets both hands on the ball.
RULING: A held ball cannot be called because A1 does not have his or her
hands on the ball. A1 is intentionally using his or her feet to play the ball.
This is illegal and a kicking violation shall be called on A1.
(Rule 4-37 and 4-35)

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