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Originally Posted by Jurassic Referee
At one time they musta put an IAABO guy on the Rules Committee because they put in a completely dumb rule for a year or two....back in the 70's iirc The interpretation, as Billy said, was that a "tap" wasn't a "try". Of course, they almost got me killed first. Doing a regional varsity with the ball down by 1 at the end..... one player misses a shot and a teammate goes up and taps the rebound.....ball is in the air....horn sounds......ball goes in....home team crowd (naturally it had to be the home team) goes nuts......JR waves the basket off because it was a "tap" and not a "try", and therefore the ball was dead when a whistle or the horn sounded......home crowd goes nuts again.....JR now sets new land speed record getting his azz outa the gym and into his dressing room.
Jurassic Referee: I had completely forgotten about the tap and horn situation. Another good reason for the NFHS to make the tap and the try the same (except for 0.3 seconds). Your post states "a completely dumb rule for a year or two, back in the 70's", which seems to indicate that it was only in place for a few years, in other words, at one point a tap and a try were the same, then they weren't, and then they were the same again, as the present rule states. I must have entered officiating during this middle phase, because I only remember the last two parts of the equation. I started officiating around 1980.
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