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Originally Posted by Mark Padgett
NF 4-41.6 "A tap shall be considered the same as a try for field goal..."

NF 4-41.7 "The tap starts when the player's hand(s) touches the ball."

Since a tap is the same as a try, ask yourself this to answer your question: would you disallow the points if it was a try and an airborne shooter came down on a player who had established position prior to the player leaving the floor? Since you said "A2 fouls B2", we have to assume B2 had position.
Situation from last night (NFHS, 8th grade boys):
A1 tries for goal, but the shot is no good. A2 leaps straight up in an attempt to rebound or tap it in. He is fouled on the way up, but succeeds in tapping it in. The contact occurs before he makes contact with the ball.

Since a tap does not start until A2 makes contact with the ball, I said this should be a common foul. My partner says "it's a shooting foul, basket is good, A2 will shoot one free throw."

Actually, what really happened was more complex/dumb, but this is the gist of it.
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