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Juulie, I found your two 'worst officials'...

... they worked my 5th grade National (lower) boys CYO final tonight!

All season long I had been trying to gear for the reality that our post season games would be officiated by 'real' officials, not the youth referees we had for most of the season.

My team went 9-1, mostly because we were the pressing, in your face, not very skilled but persistent team. We caught other teams by surprise, beat them up a little, and got away with it.

I've been transitioning to more run back and play solid defense in the half court.

So last night I had the youth ref and a the young adult ref and they did a good job. Tonight I was expecting a higher caliber, and the refs that did the game before mine (I just peeked in) fit that bill. I thought the we would be well officiated.

Well, that was not the case. Talk about 2 guys who gave nothing. Calling the game while walking up the court... they let the boys just beat the crap out of each other. I was in a state of disbelief. I knew where I stood when A1 passed from the frontcourt to A2 in the backcourt... and there was no call. No subtleties here, clearly in the front court, clearly in the back court.

So, long story short, my top player has a soccer tryout and may make an appearance. My #3 player is the guy who was involved in the fight yesterday, and is ineligible for this game. We are at the other teams home gym and they have about 4 times as many fans as ours. Opposing coach is playing to the crowd, pumping up the volume. We are getting smoked 10-2 at halftime.

No calls. Players travelling, pushing, grabbing, bumping.

Well, the light bulb finally turned on for me. I told my 'let's press, let's press, let's press' assistant "you're getting your wish tonight". We turned the dogs loose, beat the livin' crap out of the other team and pulled to within 4 at the end of 3.

Just after the 4th quarter starts, my 'star' comes running in the door. The place was a madhouse, but he is just happy to be there and ready to play. My team is energized and they just bring it. We continue to beat the crap out of opposition and get away with it. Tie, go up 2, up 4. We have only 3 team fouls, so with 1:30 to go we are going to take it up another notch and go "red zone" (intentional fouling that I had taught the boys last week). Even if they call 'em we can use some time up.

At this point I realize that maybe I should have gone to intentional foul mode much earlier, as these refs will not call fouls.

Anyways, we win by 3. Super effort by the boys, and I am ultimately genuinely shocked and appalled by the officiating tonight.

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