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Moving towards the foul

I'm in my 5th year as an official. The last two years I have worked high school varsity, and this year I also worked some women's college (D-3 & Juco).

I have obtained DVDs of 3 games (1 high school and 2 college) with two more games expected soon. Watching the games is a great way to see what you need to work on (and it's also a little humbling, too). One of the big things I want to work on is to move towards the foul when calling from the trail and sometimes the center.

When I see myself on the DVD calling from the trail when the play is away from me (although still in my primary), I think I look like I'm too far away from the foul. I've worked with a number of officials who move towards their calls and I think it looks great (it helps sell the call).

I have tried to work on this in my games for the last couple weeks, but I find myself immersed in the game and I forget about moving. I will work on this in the spring before camps (and after camps, too). Does anyone have any suggestions to help me make this a habit? I'll appreciate any suggestions you might have.
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