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Originally Posted by Texas Aggie
I never will forget that SEC game involving Florida (don't remember who the home team was) where fans rained tennis balls down on the floor in the closing seconds after a foul was call on some guy named Dwayne somebody (actually, a nobody). This POS (Dwayne) had done something that amounted to assault that involved either a tennis racket, a tennis player, or both -- I don't recall. Anyway, Florida was down by only a couple and after a T, ended up winning.

It was hilarious, though.
That was Dwayne Schintzus (sp.?) who I believe went on to the NBA for a number of years. During the summer before his junior year, he assaulted somebody with a tennis racquet. He was truly a POS. Best story I ever heard about him was when someone off campus marveled at how tall he was (I think 6'10") and asked him " How's the weather up there?". He proceeded to spit on them and said "It's raining".

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