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Originally Posted by just another ref
What I don't understand in this case is why you would automatically assume that guys know less than you simply because they are calling an 8th grade game. It could have been two semi-retired former state finals officials who only call locally now on a fill in basis.
For one I did not say anything about me. I did not even compare the officials to me at all.

Secondly, this is from my area. Chances are that I know a little bit more about what goes on around here than you do.

There are not very many experienced officials that are working a lot of JH basketball. There are exceptions, but most officials that would regularly work varsity or college, do not have time to work JH ball. It is a numbers game. And we are in the playoff season here, even less opportunity to get experienced officials to work games. And that is why I said "You have to realize that the officials are not likely the most knowledgeable or experienced and neither is everyone else participating."

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