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Originally Posted by Nevadaref
"Wake Forest had a key defensive injury of its own. Senior Julian Valentin was kicked in the head late in the second half, and blood poured out of his face while he received medical attention on the sideline.
Valentin took 30 stitches after the game to close cuts to the bridge of his nose, cheek and brow, but he had no complaints."
Who cares what the result of the play was?!?!?! That has no merit on what happened!!! That is one of my biggest complaints about coaches/players/fans who think they can officiate from their vantage point. I'm not saying it should have been a send off or not, as I didn't see the play in question. However, the referee has the sole discretion to make that decision. If you don't know what he saw and his opinion of the foul, you can't rip him for that. The outcome of what happened has no bearing on whether it should have been a send off or not. No human has any foresight of what will happen ahead of time, so because a player requires stitches does not mean that it should have been a send off. If he wasn't cut at all, would you still consider it a send off? If not, what's the difference?? It's absolutely absurd to think that the result of the foul should be considered in the punishment. If a player is accidentally scratched by the fingernail of the opponent during a FAIR tackle and requires 30 STITCHES, should that opponent be sent off??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
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