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Originally Posted by bobbybanaduck
let me get this straight...the picher is standing on the rubber taking his sign with runners on, his throwing hand hangs at his side. before doing anything else he brings his throwing hand up and licks it, then wipes it off. FED considers that the start of the motion to pitch??? if that's true my lack of respect for their rules just dropped even lower, if that's at all possible.

what if it's fricken freezin out and instead of licking he blows on his hand to warm it that allowed?

Then I take it you haven't seen...

6.1.2 Situation D: F1, while on the pitcher's plate in either the windup or set position, ... (b) shakes off the signal with his glove,...

Ruling: In ... (b), this is an illegal pitch or a balk if there are runners on base. ...
All kinds of interesting stuff in the FED rules.

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