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FED test questions

I obtained a FED test from someone and did it on my own for the heck of it (my state is 'one and done' when it comes to testing in your umpiring career). I would like to review / complain about 2 questions and get feedback from you guys:

#3) "Lineups become official when they are presented to the umpire-in-chief"

Answer: False

-This was puzzling why I missed this until I read 1-2-2 where they are official after they are "exchanged, verified, and accepted by the UIC." Poorly worded question IMO.

#65) "It is a balk when: The pitcher, while legally on the pitcher's plate, brings his pitching hand to his mouth and wipes it off."

Answer: False

-I thought this would be a balk since, according to FED rules, adjusting your cap while in this position would be a balk as well. I guess I'm assuming now trough this question that ANY time a pitcher goes to the mouth before he brings his hands together is a ball? I'm confused. Please set me straight on this one.

But overall, I got a 95. I missed:

#32 - Brain fart. Knew it was no pitch in OBR, but couldn't remember if it was an "illegal pitch" in FED.
#57 - An entire thread is dedicated to this so I won't get into it.
#91 - Simply didn't know that one.