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Originally Posted by Dakota
Not whining, just asking...

In a game where you decide it helps to vocalize the runner touched the base / tagged up, what do you do when the runner DOES miss the base and / or leaves the base before tagging up?

I think that is the point... the players will know by your lack of vocal that they have an appeal to make, won't they?
You have 100% valid points.. I cannot offer not GOOD reason to do it, except in the heat of battle in a very bad tournament of B and C level mens FP who were out of control, I can recall I did it just to let em know and to save myself some stress..

I would never do it and have never done it under normal circumstance, and was posted in response to his "never seen it"..

In my mind it was justified for the moment in time in the given situation, unjustified in his situation and any type of proper mechanic teaching.

I had multiple ejections as did most working that nightmare tournament, a forfeiture over a fight, all the umpires were under real fire..

so that was the situation.. and I just did it to stop what inevitably coming.. a throw to a base, my ruling they tagged it, an argument that they saw them leave early, i was out of position, etc etc etc.. and probably yet another ejection..

No excuses but thats the way it was...

Add it to the list of
- Crow hops so bad teams were demanding to be able to run on the crow hop (not the pitch)
- Pine tar rags in every dugout
- Pine tar covered helmet
- Gorilla gold and every other substance in use
- Balls that started a pretty optic yellow quickly becoming brown..

And all this under the direct supervision of Nor Cals top FP UIC..

No excuses, but I've done it.
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