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Here are the requirements for Arizona:

Dual/tri meets: No officials required
Invitationals: Minimum of three
Regional (Qualifier for state meet): Minimum of three officials
State Championship: Full crew of Admin Ref, Deck Ref, 2 starters, 5 Stroke & Turn judges, 2 USA Swimming observers

Dual/tri meets: The Arizona Interscholastic Association does not require these meets to officiated by certified swimming officials. Some schools have meets they host officiated by certified NFHS officials (mainly people who are also USA-S officals who have some connection to the school). Some schools have races started by a person who has never opened a swimming rule book of any kind. Some coaches start the races. There is no one who assigns the available officials to work dual/tri meets. With no requirement to have dual/tri meets officiated, few schools will pay anyone to officiate. With no pay, no one will show up who wasn't going to be there anyway.

Kevin Russell
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