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The starter will recall unfair starts. Examples could include a timer's cell phone ringing or a car's horn that causes a swimmer to jump early. Most starting system microphones have a recall device. On the Colorado Timing System, the recall signal is activated by holding the button down, after the button is pressed for the starting signal and then released. If there is a deaf/hard of hearing swimmer at the meet, then a recall rope should be installed. A cotton rope suspended from the turn end backstroke flag poles works well.

Sometimes you can do a bit of preventive officiating to reduce the potential for such situations. In Arizona we hold High School Swimming Championships at Arizona State University. The pool is across the street from the football stadium. Some years there is a college football game at the same time. (Parking can be a significant problem!) When ASU scores, fireworks are set off. From the starter's viewpoint, we can see the rockets going up. If we've already put a heat on the blocks, we'll say "Step down" when we see the rockets. The swimmers and the spectators, whose backs are to the rockets, have a quizzical expression for a few seconds. The comes the "BOOM", and the quizzical expressions turn into, "Oh, I guess the officials really do know what they are doing."

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