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Originally Posted by Beemer
In 1, the answer comes with this peice of information: Was the shooter in the air, or had he/she landed?
If he/she is in the air, its a shooting foul and A1 shoots 1 FT
If he/she has landed, the try counts, B1 is called for a foul, and team A gets the ball out of bounds.
Huh? In the OP B2 is fouling A2, not the airborn shooter A1. If A1 was not fouled, how can he shoot 1 FT?

In sitch 1, count the basket. If team A is in the bonus, A2 will shoot FTs, otherwise the inbounds spot for A is nearest where the foul took place.

In sitch 2, if you call the foul, it must be either intentional or flagrant, otherwise ignore the contact. No common foul can be called during the ensuing dead ball. Most of the time you ignore the contact, but you are the judge.
I only wanna know ...
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