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Originally Posted by Texas Aggie
The "if its not broke" mentality would lead us back to the days of no three point shot and no team control fouls. We would only have 2 potential last second shots and with each team being given a timeout to use at their discretion, they can take it when it benefits them, and not on a specific schedule. Plus, the game flows better. We use 16 minutes halves in most summer leagues and camps around here, so I speak from some experience.
Those were improvements that changed the actual game....not sure how quarters vs. halves really make that much difference....NCAA vs. NBA....both are happy with what they have and neither has (as far as I know) considered switching.
Originally Posted by Texas Aggie

I've officiated under both systems (in high school), and I like the former system MUCH better. I never had any problem with releases and it is much easier for the lead official in particular to call. Its easier for both the trail and lead (or C and lead) to enforce the release as its all at eye level. Can you really tell me that you are good enough to see both the rim and the players from a reasonable distance? I'm not and I've been doing this a long time. Plus, I have EXTRAORDINARY ranges of vision -- both top to bottom and peripheral. A lot of that is from past training and I'm quite sure it isn't unique to me by any stretch. I add it only for reference.

You talk about not being broke. The former lane restrictions weren't broke. I was amazed when they changed the rule. I can't remember ever getting more than a quick comment from a coach about a possible lane violation. Now I hear such protests a dozen times a year, at minimum. As far as shoving, are you seriously suggesting there's little or no contact NOW? It just comes at a different time. Plus, that's why we have the rules on fouls and in my view, these are fairly easy calls to make.
You spend MOST of you effort talking about the lessor reason it was changed. The primary reason is the contact that little to no one ever called. The post release to rebound interval was becoming a free-for-all pushing session. Sure it could have been cleaned up by calling fouls and the NFHS tried to get that point across with POE's....but officials didn't didn't work. Freezing the players until it hits did dramatically clean up the contact. There is still some but they just don't have the time to ride their opponent as far away from (or under) the basket as possible. Also remember that the NFHS had already been on the wait-til-it-hits rule before the release they had actual data to compare the was no experiment.
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