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Originally Posted by lmeadski
1. Instead of coaches getting the seatbelt for a T, they should have their feet shackled together. Sideline privileges are retained.
2. After 5 personal fouls, players may remain in the game but must wear their underwear outside their uniforms.
3. All assistant coaches, regardless of number, must hold hands on the bench. When one stands, they all must stand. When he/she sits, they all must sit.
4. All players must wear wrestling singlets so we don't have to remind them to tuck in anything.
5. On free throws, just let all non shooters start in the lane and allow full contact.
6. Refs are allowed to flip off any fans that mouth off.
7. Refs are allowed to reply to a coaches comment of, "you suck!" with, "No, you suck!"

These are just a few that I'd personally like to see.
Rule 2-3 is the only "rule". All the other current rules are reworded as to be only "suggestions."
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