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Originally Posted by Camron Rust

Traveling: ART. 5 . . . A player holding the ball:
a. May not touch the floor with a knee or any other part of the body other than hand or foot.
b. After gaining possession while on the floor and touching with other than hand or foot, may not attempt to get up or stand.
If that knee is not in contact with the floor when they gain control of the ball, they may not touch it to the floor.

Basically, if anything other than a hand/foot makes contact with the floor while the player is holding the ball, it is a travel.
Maybe I'm not thinking this through enough. For most, if not all, of the rules in the book, if they are delineated out, they are "or" statements. So, in this case we would only be looking at 4.44.5.b. And that only references that the player may not attempt to get up or stand.
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