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Originally posted by GarthB
"My hat's off to Shulock. I'm an Old Testament Christian, i.e., an eye for an eye. If Pinella thought he could get the best of Shulock, then he was flat wrong. Shulock got the last laugh."

Ah, yes...and soon we have a blind, toothless world.

I may be mistaken, but the Christian movement is more closely associated with the New Testament. You'll remember that one, it's about forgiveness.
Forgiveness for the repentant, yes. It is a common misconception that Christianity advocates forgiveness of all. No, instead we must be WILLING to forgive all; that is, we cannot forgive someone unless they want to be forgiven, but we should always treat them with the kindness and respect that may foster repentance and our unconditional response of forgiveness. God does not forgive those who do not want to be forgiven (John 3:18); we should not have a higher standard of behavior than God (Luke 11:4).

Matthew 5:38-42, regarding turning the other cheek, is certainly applicable in this situation.

Anyone who wants to discuss these theological points, e-mail me privately.

Are Shulock and Piniella Christians? Is Piniella sorry? Is Shulock willing to forgive? These are private matters between God, Piniella, and Shulock, and it is not our place to judge their status. It is our place to judge their actions. Piniella was surely wrong in his tantrum. Judging Shulock's actions is the original question of this thread. Yes seemed to be wrong in getting a little vengeance on the Mariners; he should have taken the high road.

But please, when you apply Christian principles to a totally secular situation, you have to be very careful. We cannot expect non-Christians to abide by the Bible--they have no reason to do so. We can, however, stand up for what is right, in Christ.

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