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"My hat's off to Shulock. I'm an Old Testament Christian, i.e., an eye for an eye. If Pinella thought he could get the best of Shulock, then he was flat wrong. Shulock got the last laugh."

Ah, yes...and soon we have a blind, toothless world.

I may be mistaken, but the Christian movement is more closely associated with the New Testament. You'll remember that one, it's about forgiveness.

Pinella was wrong, no doubt. But this thread was started as a request for comments on Shulock's unprofessional behavior. What Pinella did cannot excuse the conduct of Shulock. No one was trying to get a "last laugh". Pinellas was out of control. Laughing was the last thing he was thinking of.

But the umpire is specifically paid to be in control. John Shulock failed in his job.

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