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Originally posted by Alligator Bag
Shulock just needs to stay away from the Devil Rays. Heck, we all need to stay away from the D-Rays.
I saw comic relief in Shulock's actions. I know that we are to be silent participants of a game, but is that always possible? We can boot a call, miss a pitch, listen to chirping and even loose our cool. Human nature. It is also pretty common that we carry an ego to some extent. Because we KNOW the right call or ruling, plus some of us were competitive athletes at one time and that can take over in a confrontation. We never really know what was said down there, I am sure it can get really personal. I saw a game last year in SF and Benito Santiago refused to throw the ball to the pitcher that an umpire was trying to hand to him. The ump got tired of it and slammed the ball in front of Santiago on the plate and just waited. The game resumed and Benny was dumped 2 pitches later. I have no idea what caused that, the catcher throws his pitcher the ball...part of the job description. Not to say that John Shulock was right given what we know, and we never will, but I got a good laugh. No black eye on umps, just John. I mean, are all pro boxers ex-con rapists with out of control tempers that threaten to eat their opponent's kids...or is it just Tyson? Don't let the action of ONE supercede all the benevolent ones in the same arena. JT
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