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My first game was a Freshman Boys' game in the Daytona Beach, FL area. The two schools arranged to play the game during school hours so they could fill the gymnasium with fans (90% students from both schools).

We have a good game until the final 3-seconds. Team A is losing by one point (do not remember the actual score, for our discussion the score was 39-38).

We have a rule-breaking situation right in front of my partner (I am lead, he is trail). He whistles a foul on Team B. Team A then calls a timeout. My partner and I huddle to make sure we are both on the same page about where the ball will be inbounded, and that we were given no indiciation of being in the bonus (the scoreboard in the gym did not keep track of team fouls).

I am administering the throw-in and glance at the table, then my partner, then the table again before placing the ball at the thrower's dispoal. Coach A is yelling something at my partner, but he does not halt me from administering the throw-in. I bounce the ball to A1 who will be inbounding the ball.

Conclusion: Team A misses the final shot. As we walk over to the table, the scorekeeper announces that the final foul should have been a bonus situation. We were never notified, but could have asked how many team fouls each team accumulated.

At this point, we are going to allow the kid to attempt the free throws he is entitled under the provisions of a correctable error situation. However, Team B has already vacated the gym and is on their bus ready to head back to their school. My partner goes to get Coach B to inform him about the situation.

Coach B comes back to the gym and refuses to bring his players off the bus. Among other things, he said "We already won the game, time expired, game is over. Nothing you guys can do," also, "My kids have to get back to school, we do not have time to horse around and shoot free throws." I think you get the idea of what this coach was demonstrating.

As my partner and I are addressing Coach A, Coach B slips outside to the bus. By the time we realize that Coach B is gone, I run outside to get him and the bus is pulling out of the parking lot.

Final Ruling: My partner calls our assigner who says, "Team B will forfeit the contest for refusing to play after being instructed to do so by either official. Team A wins the game. I will contact the administration at School B and let them know."

I have come a long ways since my first game, smoothly moving up the ranks and now working a few college games.

What would you have done?
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