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First game was a 7/8th Jr High game. I was nervous as ship (yes, I know ). I was very lucky in that: had a great partner (my mentor), partner was a good friend of mine, and he was able to calm me down. I know I had about 3 million things running through my head that when I had a whistle I was blowing it twice (for some reason) - no worries, got that problem fixed after I calmed down.

The first game that I "moved up" was a Girls JV/V. I was working with two people that I knew. As you can probably tell, it was also my first 3-man game. Again, nervous as can be...trying to get adjusted to the new mechanics with three officials. First half of the JV game was called good, but just so nervous as where I was suppose to be. Once I got that sorted out in the locker room at halftime, the second half was smooth as can be as well as the varsity game. Again, my partners where able to calm me so that I didn't even think about the type of game and I was able to just go out there and call the game.

Looking back on both nights, I know just how lucky I was...
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