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Originally Posted by Back In The Saddle
The fighting fouls comprise a double flagrant technical, and the penalty would be DQ and POI, which I believe because of the succeeding foul calls would be A throw-in at midcourt.

All double personal fouls and double technical fouls are POI, which would only involve the AP arrow if there were no clear team control.

Edited to correct for my complete inability to read
Not precisely right, but close enough as the administration is correct.
Strictly speaking in this case the POI is the awarding of the first of the two FTs that are due to A1's substitute because of the personal foul by B1.

Since a team is entitled to a FT, per 4-36-2b the game is picked up from there and then the rest of the fouls are penalized in order. As the final foul to be penalized is the intentional technical foul (for the dead ball contact) by B1, Team A will be awarded a throw-in at the division line following those FTs.
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