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Originally Posted by stewcall
B1 fouls A1 (A is in the double bonus)- foul called. During the Dead ball B1 pushes A1. technical foul called Players seperate- while Ref is reporting fouls- A1 and B1 fight- FlagerantTechnical fouls called on A1 and B1- both players disqualified.....

Lane cleared
1. player fouled shoots the double bonus
2 lane cleared A shoots the technical
3 A gets the ball at Mid court....
4. A1 and B1 disqualified

the question seemed to be since the last foul was a double technical for fighting--- should you go with the arrow or since the fighting fouls canceled each other ,do you go with the last point of interruption.

stew in Va
1. A1 and B1 dq'd
2. sub for A1 shoots the double bonus
3. any Team A players shoots the T
4. Team A inbounds at midcourt opposite the table as part of B1s T??
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