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Originally Posted by Bearfanmike20
He reminded me of a child... who was being forced to do something he didn't want to do. Dont get me wrong.. he knew how to call the game. You can tell he knew the rules. The calls he did make were not wrong.. but he wouldn't signal anything. Wouldnt put his hand up to stop the clock. Nothing. The most lazy display of reffing I have ever seen.
These kinds of folks are frustrating, but be thankful that he knew the rules and made good calls. I'll put up with a lot if the partner is at least not selling out The Game.

We had a guy around here who was like that, a darn good ref, but mechanics like no one you've ever seen. If the game got boring, he'd just leave the floor to go out to the concession stand and get a snack. Literally. But when he decided to get serious and be a real ref, move up, make it a career, he started getting college games his second year, and was a credit to everyone. I hated working with him at first, but after I realized that he at least knew the rules and the A/D stuff, I learned to adjust, and really enjoyed him. It was fun to tell "Jeff" stories. Unfortunately, he had a heart attack and died in his second year of "real" ball. No one was glad to have him gone, because we all liked him.
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