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Originally Posted by Nevadaref
It also seems from the logic expressed in your opinion that you would disagree with removing all of the students because the individual who threw the bottle wasn't seen and couldn't be clearly identified. Do you think that it is unjust to remove all of the students in the crowd? Aren't they guessing on the removal and shouldn't they be using more discretion lest they unfairly punish someone? That's the crux of your statement, right?
Nevada, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but as you've probably surmised, the weather around here has been fun.

To answer your question, I would be in favor of management handling the problem, with our help. If, together, we determine the whole student section needs to be thrown out, so be it. If the idiot who threw the bottle fesses up, they should be thrown out. I was only responding to your original comment:
Originally Posted by Nevadaref
I believe that the following is likely a minority opinion, but I would have penalized the home team for the thrown bottle.

Team technical foul against the home team.
I just wouldn't be so quick to penalize the team just because we're "pretty sure" the bottle came from one of their followers. Yep, the bottle came from the student section, but are you positive it wasn't actually thrown by a cousin of one of the students who happened to come along and is not even a student at that school?

My point is the T is a weapon in our arsenal, but even the Fed says it should be used with discretion. I wouldn't use it in this particular instance. If we need game management's help to clear the entire gym, let's do it. But let's also be careful about penalizing the team for actions off the court and outside the game.
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